Why Choosing Regulated Cash Back?

  • We at Regulated Cash Back believe in looking deep into our client’s cases
  • We demand the highest standards from ourselves when dealing with a client’s claims. Our pragmatic approach, experience and quick thinking ensure your success.
  • Being experts in the field of commercial law, working directly for businesses and large commercial firms, positions us as the ultimate choice when dealing with commercial issues. Our firm has made it its mission to act against Forex and Binary Options by helping people to claim back the money they have lost.
  • We can offer international advice as we are familiar and experienced with international transactions and disputes.
  • As we specialize in the field of options recovery, Cryptocurrency Scams, Debt settlement, and Mortgage refinancing.
  • Our expert team of advisors and attorneys across the globe have been working towards eradicating faulty merchants and are some of the key players in financial recovery.
  • Working with Regulated Cash Back will certainly help you recover faster with the help of our own database of Options Trading Merchants and Fraud Companies.
  • We have been successful in Domestic/International Wire Recovery, CC Settlements, CC Chargebacks, Debit Card Recovery, with more than 2320+ happy clients.
  • Our Board of advisors includes some of the top bankers throughout the globe and attorneys working on financial Fraud for over a decade.
  • Getting you world class advice and providing you with the best available options in recovering your funds is our MOTTO.

Why Choosing Regulated Cash Back?

We Have 8+ Years Of Experience In Recovering Funds

Getting You World Class Advice & Providing You With The Best Available Options In Recovering Your Funds Is Our Motto.

About Us

Regulated Cash Back provides best-in-class services for individuals who have been defrauded by unregulated investment platforms. We continue to develop successful investigative techniques, world-class legal relationships, and earning the trust and respect of our clients. We establish long-term relationships with some of the best attorneys in the realm of financial fraud, allowing Regulated Cash Back to expedite the recovery process.

At Regulated Cash Back , we value time, therefore we only work with a small percentage of clients. Clients that meet our stringent requirements are those we believe to have a 92% chance of a successful recovery.

From the initial consultation to the recovery of your assets, all interactions are handled with utmost professionalism. Due to the nature of the data we collect, we ensure our clients confidentiality.

You can rest assured that all of this is for the benefit of our clients and to be able to continue providing the services the best way possible. We wrote the word JUSTICE on our flag and we are 100% dedicated to each customer case.

We pledge to never engage in any behavior that may compromise your integrity.

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I had lost ALL. I was hopeless... I was angry at myself.....but then I made sure I wasn't going to be a victim like others that could leave with the loss. I found Regulated Cash Back. I was skeptical initially but was worth trying. Afterall, I was hopeless. Mark Fine restored my hope with her professionalism. he was patient to understand everything about the scammer. he then affirmed my fears again and confirmed that I have been scammed. But with patience, told me she would try help me to get my funds back. Today, I received an email confirming that all funds have been refunded and should be received within 3 business days.
Don Dunlap -USA
A huge thanks to Roger, we were scammed by binaryoptions BBB Market and almost lost 98K , we contacted Regulated Cash Back and Roger took all the stress away, he guided us through the very short and simple process. We highly recommend Ben and the team to anyone who has been scammed. We managed to recover 98K in just a couple of weeks which was outstanding as we almost lost it all. Roger was honest and supportive through the whole process, We can't thank you enough for all your help and support.

Julia E -London, United Kingdom
After making a massive mistake and believing this scam binary company CT option had me invest I thought a small amount at first then after daily phone calls for a month or more i sent them a larger sum near 80k in total then all contact immediatly ceased and I lost total control of my money. Fortunatley we had money back in my account. Big thank you to Ben. Real lifesaver.

John -Canada